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Terrill (2009) Admissible Evidence in a Legal Proceeding - 275 Words

Terrill (2009): The Admissible Evidence in a Legal Proceeding (Essay Sample) Content: Admissible EvidenceNameInstitutionAdmissible EvidenceTerrill (2009) defines evidence, as used in a legal proceeding, as any matter of fact that is subject to a court process, and which is intended to either prove or disprove an issue in a lawsuit. Evidence can also refer to a system used to determine the various facts that may be accepted as proof in a legal process and the extent to which the jury or the judge may rely on those facts in a case (Terrill, 2009). Admissible evidence, on the other hand, refers only to the facts that a jury or a judge can accept in a court of law to form the basis for disproving or proving the main issue of contention in court (Terrill, 2009). Therefore, this implies that not all evidence submitted to a court in a legal process can be accepted by the jury or the judge for purposes of making the final determination on the matter at hand. Thus, for evidence to be admissible, it must meet a certain threshold regarding its reliability and rel evance to the case. This paper reviews and analyzes different forms of evidence and the circumstances through which such pieces of evidence can be admissible in courts.The most widely used form of evidence is witness testimonies (Terrill, 2009). Testimony can be admissible in a court of law only if proper procedures are followed to ensure that the evidence provided meets the required legal threshold (Terrill, 2009). This type of proof can come from both lay individuals and experts in specified matters related to the court case. Regarding hand-written letters that are part of testimony from a lay witnesses, the evidence can be admissible in court if it is authenticated through proof that the handwriting is genuine based on the witnessà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ familiarity with the with it (Terrill, 2009). Therefore, the witness must swear in court that they are familiar with the evidence in court. Most importantly, the testimony of a lay witness must stick to the facts of the case without including any inferences or opinions, unless the assumptions and opinions are intended to clarify the testimony of the witness or if such opinions are solely based on the witnessà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ perceptions of the evidence (Terrill, 2009).The other common type of evidence used in courts is photographs or images related to the case in court. The photographs can only be admitted as evidence if a witness proves to have personal knowledge of the photos at hand (Terrill, 2009). Therefore, the witness must be familiar with the pictures fr...

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Interpersonal Relationship Between My Father And I Had

Abstract In this Interpersonal relationship analysis, I will be analyzing the Interpersonal relationship that my father and I had. I will give a little background on the relationship which we had, explain how the different concepts that we have covered in our class effected our relationship, through research and interviews conducted, and conclude with how the lessons learned from and through the relationship we had are still present today, even though my father is no longer alive. There are several different strategies which will be covered in this analysis. The specific communication concepts are: the five styles of conflict, the theories of conflict management, the different stages of relationship, listening theories, the seven communication styles, the six types of interpersonal relationships, and the theories of interpersonal communication and relationship. These concepts will be used to relate and explain the situations and conflicts between my father and me. My Interpersonal relationshi p analysis will shed some light into the relationship my father and I had and how it molded me into the person I am today. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS The relationship that my father and I had was very special to both of us. However, the relationship did not originally look like an â€Å"all American family† relationship. I was born to Juanita and George Rowe in Houston, Texas on November 22, 1973. My dad already had two children by his first wife when I was born. I have aShow MoreRelatedRelationship Between My Father And It1425 Words   |  6 PagesRelationships are one of the most important necessities to living out a normal life, especially those whom are family relationships. I’ve grown to develop strong family relations from both sides of the family tree. There have been periods of time where the frequency of communication slows, but for the most part I’m close with many members of my family. School can get busy, making it difficult to put forth that extra effort to remain in contact with many of my intermediate family members. The relationshipRead MoreInterpersonal Communication and Relationship Developm ent Essay1673 Words   |  7 PagesRelationship Development 1 Running Head: RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Development Relationship Development 2 Communication is the process of gathering meaning from the world around us and using verbal and non-verbal messages to share this meaning with others. (Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond, 2005) More specifically, interpersonal communication can be defined as; â€Å"a distinctive, transactual form of human communication involving mutual influenceRead MoreGeorge Levingers Definition of Close Relationships and How Its Changed Today792 Words   |  4 Pagesclose relationships, conflict, and group behavior, examined interpersonal relationships and what is needed to make one successful. He defined a successful close relationship containing five components; 1) frequent interaction, 2) between spatially near partners, 3) who share significant common goals, 4) exchange personal disclosures, and 5) care deeply about one another. His definition of interpersonal relationships is one part social, one part physical, and three parts psychological. Although I agreeRead MoreTomorrows leader term paper 1623 Words   |  7 Pageshave to possess at least one of the attributes. In this paper, interpersonal communication would be discussed and elaborated. Interpersonal communication has a great deal of definitions. It is defined as an interactive face-to-face process between two people, in which one’s personal characteristics, relationship with another and social status can be reflected (Hartley, 1993). However, on the other hand, some experts express interpersonal communication as a process, which gives everyone an equal opportunityRead MoreEssay about anger in communication1405 Words   |  6 Pagescommunity standings. Today I will examine the interpersonal communication within my cohabiting relationship. I will discuss the confrontations, the displayed behaviors, the physical attacks, and the reprisals. For interpersonal relationship to be successful, there must be mutually positive communication present at all time. My relationship is far the opposite and is continuously plagued with confrontations. The underlying reason stems from the very aggressive behavior of my partner. There seems toRead MoreArt Therapy Services For Children At Risk At The Hope Gardens Community Center1163 Words   |  5 Pagesan intern art therapist, I provide art therapy services for children at risk at the Hope Gardens Community Center (HG) in Brooklyn, New York. Many children at HG are referred to therapy for various reasons such as anger, self-harm ideation and low self-esteem. Inner city children are sometimes exposed to societal, environmental, and domestic stressors, and those stressors can give rise to children’s behavioral and psychological problems (Camilleri, 2007). In this paper, I will discuss a client’s caseRead MoreAnalysis Of Khaled Hosseini s The Mountains Echoed 1109 Words à ‚  |  5 PagesMy life have been very interesting, the past twenty-six years it was like a riding a rollercoaster, but the very best is yet to come. I ve gone through suggest of the down time, but I also had capture some of the most wonderful experiences as well. However, I appreciate all. I can t wait to see what the future are waiting for me. I have learned, â€Å"in the end, some of your greatest pains, become your greatest strengths† (Drew Barrymore). In the fictional novel And The Mountains Echoed by KhaledRead MoreFriendship Forever in Beaches986 Words   |  4 PagesBlooms boss John. Whitney sleeps with John and Bloom claims all is fine, but deep down she is hurt. This is the start of what is too soon be an interpersonal conflict, a disagreement between connected individuals who perceive their goals as incompatible.[Devito, p. 276] When an unexpected illness forces Whitney to go back and care for her allying father, letter writing again the avenue these friends mus t use to stay connected. Whitney begins to date Micheal, her fathers attorney and eventually marriesRead MoreAttachment Theory As A Framework For Understanding Interpersonal And Emotional Outcomes Of Adults1442 Words   |  6 Pagesfor understanding interpersonal and emotional outcomes of adults. Attachment theory also creates, an understanding of how parent relationships, affects a child’s early physiological development throughout adult-hood. In the past, research done on father -child relationships, has generally, focused on the attachment the child develops, when the father is absent in the child’s early stages of development. In my research, I found recent studies, performed on father-child relationships, and how secureRead MoreReflective Account Of My Childhood1469 Words   |  6 PagesTitle: Reflective account of my childhood Introduction I was born in Spain 1978, era of political transition. Few years earlier the country was under the rule of dictator regime, General Franco that ended with his death. The same year I was born, a new constitution was approved by democratic elected parliament that provided individual rights, also demolished death penalty and allowed divorce. In this essay, I will examine social context, experiences and influences in my childhood as well as unequal

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Significant Place - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 706 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2017/09/13 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? September 3rd, 2010 Significant Place: Brooklyn, New York Many people have a place that is very significant to them. In my opinion, having a significant place is a very good thing because that means that significant place has a meaning. Brooklyn, New York, is the original hometown of the majority of my family and they have a very significant background history there. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Significant Place" essay for you Create order Brooklyn, New York is a very capacious city. My favorite thing to do there is shop. When I go shopping, I often enjoy seeing the enormous crowds in the downtown area which lets me know I am in New York. I try to ignore the rambunctious sounds coming from the cars, buses, people and trains because Brooklyn is a very large city which means there’s going to be a lot of noise coming from everywhere. When I go downtown, a very distinct aroma often hits me which I think only I can smell. I just love the fresh scent of downtown; the scent is as fresh as the smell of roses; very obsessive. Also, when I am downtown, I frequently visit a deli called Lawry’s to get me a hero which is something like a sandwich but only better. The taste of it is very addictive which leaves me wanting more and more. I just love Brooklyn and I doubt anywhere else can replace it. So many people live in New York. The enormous crowds are so indescribable. I like to go out at night and see the lights which are so bright enough to light up the streets of Brooklyn. You would never have to worry about getting around in New York because there are many types of transportation. You can take the large city metro bus, the train which is quite a bumpy ride and also the yellow taxi cab. In Brooklyn, I always used to go to Coney Island to go to an amusement park which is kind of like a carnival. I always used to have so much fun there. I loved to play games while I was there so I could win me a nice big fluffy teddy bear. I collected so many teddy bears and barely had room for anymore. The rides were also fun but my favorite ride I used to always get on was the Ferris wheel. I liked the Ferris wheel because it was very slow and relaxing to me and it gave me a great view of the whole carnival. If I ever wanted something sweet while I was there, I always used to get me some cotton candy; I just love the sweet taste of it. It’s very soft and it just melts in my mouth. However, I love Coney Island and enjoy going there in my free time. The majority of my family lives in Brooklyn. Most of them resided from South Carolina to Brooklyn and the others were born and raised there. My family loves New York as well. Most of them are very successful, while few are still struggling to make a living. To my family, home is Brooklyn, New York and as they would always say â€Å"There’s no place like home†. Brooklyn, New York is known as the â€Å"Big Apple† and â€Å"The Empire State†. It is a very populous state. Many people decide to reside to New York to seek a better living as far as jobs and transportation. My family decided to reside to South Carolina because of my great grandmother. She was very sick at the time and needed someone to care for her. Soon she died and my family decided to stay in South Carolina. Now my family is enjoying the South. We have a very nice house here and doubt we will ever move back to New York. Even though we are enjoying the south, there’s no place like home. In conclusion, it’s good to have a place that is very significant, not only to you but others as well. However, Brooklyn, New York is a very significant place to me and my family and they have a great background history there. If you don’t have a significant place to you and others, I encourage you to find one.

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The Copyright Of The Sherman Antitrust Act - 1662 Words

Have you been unjustly accused, then punished? So have many companies. When dealing with trusts and monopolies, controversy is sure to arise. This discussion is a result of the benefits, and also the disadvantages of monopolies in our market. With these arguments going on, discussions of the Sherman Antitrust Act in many legal cases, have been whether or not this law is beneficial to our economy and population, or harmful. People have gathered on both sides of this debate looking for the truth behind the effect of the Sherman Antitrust act. To learn how the Sherman Antitrust Act works we must look back to when and why it was created. In the past, and even now, the Sherman Antitrust Act has been and is being misunderstood, but if†¦show more content†¦This Act gave them the power to hammer down on companies that seemed threatening to them, making it a success. Equally important, there were also disadvantages for many of the consumers. Some of these inconveniences including, fi xed prices, and poor quality. The public often does not respond well to these things making it a priority and a sign that things needed to change. The government isn’t always out to get people, in fact they often want to help, and by deciding on creating the Sherman Antitrust Act they indeed helped many a consumer get away from high and unfair prices. Besides, this economy, being of a competitive nature since our revolution, will not be left alone to be ruined by the many monopolies dominating it. The government often looks to protect this economy, resulting in the action to stop monopolies from ruling the market. Additionally, John Sherman, Secretary of Treasury under President Rutherford B. Hayes, Senator of Ohio, and principal author of the Sherman Antitrust Act, tells us of a reason of his own for this law being drawn up. The reason, as stated by Mr. Sherman, is to protect the country from the foul effects of the buildings of monopolies, rather than the final end result o f the monopolies. He even went as far as to say that the actions of companies after they become monopolies are even good for innovation (â€Å"John Sherman†). People even now are

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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Of Alcoholics Anonymous And...

Twelve step programs are commonly used in drug and alcohol treatment. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous both utilize the twelve steps, along with many other treatment centers. The twelve steps are used as a tool to stay sober and overcome addictions to substance abuse. The first step involves admitting one is powerless over the drug. It also involves admitting that due to the drug, one is no longer in control of his or her life. The second step is coming to the belief that there is a greater power that can restore one to sanity. The greater power can be anything from God to a higher power such as nature. The third step is making the decision to turn one’s will and life over to the higher power. This is when an individual fully commits oneself to the belief in something greater than him or her self. The fourth step is a moral inventory of oneself. Many individuals make a list of all the wrongs he or she has done while in the fourth step. (Alcoholics Anonymous Publish ing, 1981) The fifth step involves admitting to a higher power, oneself, and other people the exact nature of the offenses one has committed. The sixth step is preparing oneself to have a higher power remove the character defects. Asking the higher power to remove the deficiencies is step number seven. Step eight is making a list of the individuals harmed in one’s addiction and preparing oneself to make amends with those people. Step nine is fulfilling step eight and making those amends with hurtShow MoreRelatedNA Reaction paper1370 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting Reaction Paper Denisha Hightower Morgan State University Dr. Anthony Estreet 4/15/15 The Narcotics Anonymous meeting which I attended was named 7 Days of NA which was located on 1212 North Wolfe Street at an organization called Dee’s Place. Just as the Alcoholic Anonymous meeting previously attended, the location appeared to be in a covert and quiet place to hold a support group. We entered through the rear entrance, which seemed to be staged thatRead MoreNarcotics Anonymous1453 Words   |  6 Pagesinform my audience about Narcotics Anonymous. Central Idea: Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide self-help organization that has been around for many years and continues to impact our society. Introduction Attention Getter: Imagine 60,000 people in one city, all dealing with the same problem, addiction. According to an article written by Carter M. Yang for ABC news on March 14th of this year, there are 60, 000 people in Baltimore alone that are addicted to illicit drugs. These numbers are dishearteningRead MoreDrug Abuse And Its Effects On The United States Essay879 Words   |  4 PagesDrug abuse is worldwide problem and one that has plagued the United States for decades. Drug abuse negatively impacts not only the individual user, but also our society as a whole. The fight to prevent the manufacturing and trafficking of illegal drugs into the country has made very little impact on its accessibility to those that wish to partake. According to the National Drug Control Budget Report for 2015, the President of the United States request $25.4 Billion in Fiscal Year 2015 in orderRead MoreDrug Abuse Is A Worldwide Problem Essay976 Words   |  4 PagesDrug abuse is a worldwide problem and one that has plagued the United States for decades. Drug abuse negatively impacts not only the individual user, but also our society as a whole. The fight to prevent the manufacturing and trafficking of illegal drugs into the country has made very little impact on its accessibility to those that wish to partake. According to the National Drug Control Budget Report for 2015, the President of the United States request $25.4 Billion in Fiscal Year 2015 in orderRead MoreThe Importance of Twelve Step Programs1935 Words   |  8 PagesAlthough the Twelve Step program began with Alcoholics Anonymous, the system has expanded to include and embrace all other addictions from overeating to gambling. Narcotics Anonymous is the Twelve Step group for persons who have an addiction to drugs. It started in the 1940s as a response to the growing number of chemically addicted persons who did not have a comorbid addiction to alcohol (Narcotics Anonymous, 2012). According to Peyrot (1985), Narco tics Anonymous is the oldest and largest self-help groupRead MoreAlcohol Is A Dangerous Drug1411 Words   |  6 Pagessociety the constant abuse of drugs and alcohol has become a major issue. Dependence on substances such as alcohol is a common phenomenon in our world. Many individuals who constantly drink changing their ways are the hardest and biggest obstacles. Often these individuals are looking to feel the positive effects that alcohol provides for them. Such as gaining more confidence and forgetting about any problems they may have in their life, past present or future. Alcohol is a drug that slows down an individual’sRead MoreSober Living An Early Recovery Living Arrangement For Addicts1030 Words   |  5 Pagespremises or a resident returning to the house intoxicated is likely to result in discharge. Sober Living is not a treatment program, but a strategy to allow more time for sobriety to take firm hold while the beginning steps toward recovery take place. A usual requirement is an active participation in a Twelve Step support program. Additional requirements may include substance abuse treatment, drug testing, attending school or finding work. However, there is an image problem. Society views Sober Living asRead MoreMorehead Inspiration Center Essay1119 Words   |  5 PagesThe Morehead Inspiration Center is a residential recovery program, serving approximately 100 adult males, over the age of 18, that are seeking recovery from chronic alcohol or drug related addictions. The primary mission of the center is to strengthen the individual recovering from an addiction, support their families and to serve the community in which they reside. The Morehead Inspiration Center is one of ten across Kentucky that participates in the Recovery Kentucky Initiative, a not for profitRead MoreAa Recovery Meeting At Club Soda989 Words   |  4 Pagesthemselves as alcoholics and the chairperson discussed the rules of the group. One of the rules stated was that those who had consumed alcohol in the last 24 hours were asked to only listen during the meeting. The chairperson officially opened the session by reading the Preamble. The Preamble is a brief overview of what Alcoholics Anonymous stands for in that it is a safe place for those in recovery to share, find strength and hope, and help with complete abstinence from alcohol. At that time theRead MoreThe Importance Of Successful Support Or Assistance From The Government943 Words   |  4 Pagestheir local community, until the 1940s with the creation of groups and treatment centers focused on assisting addicts. As the progressive era of the United States came to an end, the abuse of drugs and alcohol began to reach all-time highs. Dr. Hamilton Wright declared that the Of all the nations of the world, the United States consumes most habit-forming drugs per capita.† and with statistics like 470,000 pounds of drugs consumed annually, more than France and the UK combined, it was clear to

The Current Legislation for Homebased Child Carers, the...

The current legislation for homebased child carers. There are two acts that are the most important for homebased child carers. Which is the Children act (2004) and the Childcare act (2006). Childcare act (2004) For a childminder there are five aspects that are the most important: - Be healthy (physically, mentally and emotionally) - Safety (protect the children from harm and neglect) - Achieve good education and recreation - Make a positive contribution - Social and economic well-being Childcare act (2006) This act is for the EYFS in England and Wales. The local authority have the duty to make sure that the five outcomes of Childcare act (2004) are being met. Childminder have to register and will be†¦show more content†¦Human Rights Act (1998) This act is for the right of every person, which covers children as well. Code of Practice for First Aid (1997) This act is for the importance of first aid. As a childminder you need to do a paediatric first aid course. Food Safety regulations (1995) For childminders a basic Food Hygiene Certificate is recommended. Local authorities want childminders to register with their local Environmental Health Department. Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (1995) For childminders it is important to report certain incidents or accidents. Code of Practice for the Identification and Assessment of Children with Special Educational Needs For childminders to notice children with special needs. And fulfil their needs in a way suitable to their special needs. Children Act For a childminder it is very important to make look after the welfare of the child. This includes meeting his emotional, physical and educational needs. Public Health Act As a childminder you have to make sure that if you have a child with an infectious disease that you don’t let the child get in contact with other children. This sometimes means asking the parents to keep their child at home. Education Act As a childminder you have to make sure that you meet the educational needs ofShow MoreRelatedDiploma in Children’s and Young People’s Workforce Cypop 5 Understand How to Set Up a Work Based Child Care Servic2658 Words   |  11 PagesCYPOP 5.1. The current Legislation for home based childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies Registration By law all providers of home based childcare in England that care for children under the age of eight, must be registered with the regulatory body Ofsted. Ofsted keeps two childcare registers; the Early Years register (for children from birth to Preschool age five) and the Childcare register (for school ages five to eight years). To register a number of legal criteria must be in place;

Project Proposal on Urban Bike Commuter

Question: Write a project proposal on urban bike commuter (folding bicycle). Answer: 1. Introduction In times like today, where everyone is racing against himself or herself, aiming to achieve the best in life, health, and exercise takes a back seat. It is ironic because physical and mental health should be at the first position in a person's priority list. It is also understandable since there are hundreds of responsibilities one has to juggle each day. One probable solution to this could be switching to bicycles to commute to one's office, school, or college. This will ensure a steady physical activity each day, which is beneficial for a person's overall well-being. However, there are also certain cons attached to this idea. Conventional bicycles are difficult to park, are very much prone to theft, and are certainly not easy to carry. Thus, the desirability of a foldable bicycle comes into the scene. The primary idea of this project is to develop a foldable cycle which is light and sleek enough to carry and is economical to appeal to the majority (Shu et al. 2013). 2. Aim and objective To design a sleek and light-weighted foldable cycle that is convenient and mobile to carry: To develop a cycle model, which is easy to ride: To produce a foldable cycle which is priced at economical rates so that it appeals to the majority: 3. Literature Review A bicycle often referred to as a cycle or a bike is a human powered vehicle, driven by pedals, having a couple of wheels attached to a single frame, placed one behind another (Jppinen et al. 2013). The bicycle has gone through a number of transformations and modifications since its inception. With the continuous innovation of new materials and technological designs, the bicycles are always at the receiving end of customization according to the needs and preferences of the times. Since their inception in the year 1818, bicycles have well proved to be convenient, environmentally friendly, and a healthy way of transportation for both the commuters as well as the enthusiasts. Although they have remained a pervasive mode of commutation worldwide, the global trend has transformed dramatically (Schepers et al. 2014). Highly advanced automobiles, heavily customized according to the needs of the users, now dominate the roadways of Australia. Unfortunately, the riders of a bicycle are deemed as second-class citizens because they are not as dynamic as the technologically advanced automobiles. Bicycles can be classified according to their function, their general design, rider capacity and using propulsion and gearing. The most common forms of bicycles are mountain bicycles, utility bicycles, racing bicycles, hybrid and cruiser bicycles. The bicycle is exceptionally efficient in both in terms of biology and mechanics. It is the most effective means of human-driven transportation, which means a person has to expend his energy to travel a certain distance. From the mechanical point of view, about 99 percent of the energy invested by the biker into the pedals is transferred directly to the wheels (Wolf and Seebauer 2014). The materials used for building a bicycle is also of utmost importance. Deciding on the kind of materials that will be used depends on the manufacturer. The finance required to build the frame is yet again a huge factor to be considered. The manufacturers of bicycles follow varied philosophies regarding the materials and equipment to be used in making the bicycle. To decipher the appropriate materials to be utilized depends on the physical properties of the materials be it steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium or titanium. The manufacturer uses the materials that are best suited according to the use of the product- commutation or sport and the expected budget that the consumer can afford (Chira et al.2014). The manufacturers of bicycle consider some important properties when they plan to build a bicycle like the density, elongation, tensile strength, stiffness, and fatigue strength. A folding bicycle is built as a foldable structure, including a support system at the front having handlebars and designed to be a foldable rearward. This invention will help the user to fold the cycle very conveniently by folding the front support system manually, which includes the lower and upper section linked by the hinge (Masden et al.2013). A folding bicycle also can be explained as a bicycle, which has all the attributes and properties of a conventional bicycle like the feel, strength, rigidity, weight, and height. The innovative bicycle has a solid frame that can be folded, with a rotatable front half attached to a hinge, which will ensure smooth driving for the rider. This cycle can also be wrapped in a carrying bag if needed (Nikaido et al.2015). The handlebars of the cycle are reversible and can be folded in a collapsed form. The lever arm is kept in place with the help of a fastening spring so that the locking hook does not disengage itself from the locking clip while the bicycle is in use. Eventually, the steering stem and the handlebar are separated from each other and are folded and kept separately. All the composing elements in a folding bicycle include a horizontal axis, and all these elements are indirectly linked to a single collar that slides down and up the seat of the cycle. In order to fold or unfold the cycle, the collar is slipped along the post of the handle bar and is then fastened by a swift release lever on the top of the collar (Giubilato et al. 2012). The lower portion of the seat and the steering head are parallel to each other because of a couple of front tubes placed between them. 4. Benefits Accelerated speed: The wheels of a foldable cycle are smaller than the counterparts. This results in a splendid experience of driving at a high-accelerated speed out racing any advanced automobile on the road. As the wheels are smaller, it takes less human power to drive the pedals, and thus, incredible speed can be achieved with little much effort (Venara et al. 2013). Less prone to theft: Since the foldable bicycles are convenient to carry anywhere, chances of them getting stolen is comparatively less. The design of the folding bicycle is compact enough to be taken and kept anywhere as per the convenience, and they will remain unnoticeable. The folding cycles will be such a niche product, which even if it is locked up in the parking area, the thief wouldn't know what it is , let alone they will know what to do with the foldable cycle (Giubilato et al. 2012). Practically designed: The foldable bicycles are designed for the convenience of the users in every practical aspect. If it starts raining, the rider can take the tube trains, or if he or she has a meeting and cannot afford to look tired, they can switch to any other mode of transportation and still manage to ride back home on the cycle if they want (Schepers et al. 2014). Low maintenance: A foldable cycle requires nothing much but making sure that the tires have air in them, and the lights are properly charged, and the chains are well oiled. The user will not have to pay bills for the parking spot or file for insurances (Cox 2015). This saves a lot of money and also the hassles of maintaining a conventional automobile. Good for health: Commuting on a foldable cycle is much better for a person's health than traveling inside an air-conditioned car. Riding in a foldable bicycle will result in a full fledged cardio vascular exercise of the rider (Dozza et al. 2012). The riding process will keep the user fit healthy and fit that will save the riders time that he or she spends in a gym. 5. Project plan Day1 Day2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Selection of Material The material for building the foldable bi-cycle is selected very carefully. Model designing The model is designed according to the standard procedures based on the frames carrying capacity. Designing the CAD model The CAD model is developed using 3D enabled model software. This is the final model of the bi-cycle. Meshing The meshing is done using the second and first standard tetra elements for better performance. Analysis of the frame The stiffness and density of the bi-cycle frame is measured according to the preference of the customers. Model Fabrication The model is tested for various loads and environmental conditions after the market survey. Troubleshooting If ay defects are detected, they are rectified. 6. Conclusion The concept of a foldable bi-cycle is the answer to all the problems that are faced by the users of a conventional bi-cycle. It is convenient to carry, optimized to suit the customers use and preferences and is available at economical prices. The bike has adjustable handles and seat for the children and adults to ride the same bike. In the project proposal, the literature review pertaining to the concept of foldable cycles has been discussed for the better comprehension of the readers. The benefits of riding a foldable cycle-convenience, safety, health benefits are discussed. A project plan is made segregating the processes on a weekly basis that includes the different processes involved in the manufacturing of a foldable bi-cycle. The design of the foldable cycles is inspired from the secondary standard data. References: Chira, C., Sedano, J., Villar, J.R., Cmara, M. and Corchado, E., 2014. Urban bicycles renting systems: Modelling and optimization using nature-inspired search methods. Neurocomputing, 135, pp.98-106. Cox, P., 2015. Towards a Better Understanding of Bicycles as Transport. The Organization of Transport: A History of Users, Industry, and Public Policy, pp.49-67. Dozza, M., Werneke, J. and Fernandez, A., 2012. Piloting the naturalistic methodology on bicycles. In Proceeding ot the st International Cycling Safety Conference, Helmond NL, Nov 7-8 2012.. Giubilato, F. and Petrone, N., 2012. A method for evaluating the vibrational response of racing bicycles wheels under road roughness excitation. Procedia Engineering, 34, pp.409-414. Jppinen, S., Toivonen, T. and Salonen, M., 2013. Modelling the potential effect of shared bicycles on public transport travel times in Greater Helsinki: An open data approach. Applied Geography, 43, pp.13-24. Libresco, A., 2014. Bicycles and Social Change: Technology's Unintended Consequences. Social Studies and the Young Learner, 26(4), pp.23-25. Madsen, J.C.O., Andersen, T. and Lahrmann, H.S., 2013. Safety effects of permanent running lights for bicycles: A controlled experiment. Accident Analysis Prevention, 50, pp.820-829. Nikaido, S., Wada, S., Matsui, Y., Oikawa, S. and Hirose, T., 2015. Cycling Characteristics of Bicycles at an Intersection (No. 2015-01-1465). SAE Technical Paper. Schepers, J.P., Fishman, E., Den Hertog, P., Wolt, K.K. and Schwab, A.L., 2014. The safety of electrically assisted bicycles compared to classic bicycles. Accident Analysis Prevention, 73, pp.174-180. Shu, J., Chou, M.C., Liu, Q., Teo, C.P. and Wang, I.L., 2013. Models for effective deployment and redistribution of bicycles within public bicycle-sharing systems. Operations Research, 61(6), pp.1346-1359. Venara, A., Mauillon, D., Gaudin, A., Rouge-Maillart, C. and Jousset, N., 2013. Fatal falls from bicycles: A case report. Forensic science international, 226(1), pp.e1-e3. Wolf, A. and Seebauer, S., 2014. Technology adoption of electric bicycles: A survey among early adopters. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 69, pp.196-211.